Announcing Data-Forge Notebook

Today I'm announcing my new product for data analysis, transformation and visualization in JavaScript!

For some years now I've been on a mission to improve the state of data analysis in JavaScript. After discovering the friction of working with data in JS, I started on the path of developing Data-Forge. Next came my book Data Wrangling with JavaScript.

Now I present to you my latest endeavour: Data-Forge Notebook. This a notebook-style application for data transformation, analysis and visual prototyping in JavaScript. It's kind of like a REPL on steroids. It's a desktop app and it works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

DFN main screnshot

Back when I started working with data I was using Python and I loved Pandas and Jupyter Notebook. I needed to use JavaScript though. When working in fullstack JS the context switch to a different language is a burden and it doesn't make sense. I wanted the sophistication of Pandas and Jupyter Notebook, but in JavaScript! It sounds crazy, but that's the kind of project that I love.

Well I'm working on Data-Forge Notebook now and I'm collecting interest from the JS community.

What to learn more? Here's some resources:

Data-Forge Notebook is actually a general purpose tool for working with JavaScript, it has so much to offer:

  • Prototyping JS code
  • Data cleanup and transformation
  • Visualizing your data
  • Simplified coding for JS newbies
  • Quick-start and be productive immediately for JS veterans
  • Built-in management of Node.js and npm modules
  • Export your code for use in production
  • Render your notebooks to PNG and PDF files
  • Keep your notebooks private, or
  • Share them with the community

Interested? Please head on over to to register your interest.